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2017 Workshops


10:00 AM

Fundamentals of Story: Inside Out--Janeen Ippolito

Have an idea for your story, but nowhere to start? Have the start of a draft, but unsure of how to finish it? Heard a lot of writing terms, but unsure where they fit into the big picture? This workshop is for you!

It breaks down the big task of writing a story into manageable chunks and simplifies the myriad of story-telling concepts into action-items that you can use in your work right now. Come away with a solid foundation for tackling your writing project.


11:00 AM

Keeping the Suspense: Creating and Keeping Tension Throughout your Story--Breana English

What’s the secret to creating a story that your readers won’t be able to put down? Tension! Every author knows that a story needs a main problem or conflict. However, an interesting main conflict isn't enough to keep readers’ attention from wandering.

Gripping stories also have smaller, micro-conflicts on every page to create tension and keep readers in a constant state of suspense over what will happen next. In this workshop, learn how to build tension into every scene of your story. We’ll examine how micro-conflicts work and review practical exercises to help you add them to your dialogue, action, description, and exposition.





1:00 PM

Saying It Well: Dialogue that Works--Kimberly Miller

Many beginning writers (and seasoned veterans) struggle to write solid, believable dialogue. In this session the differences between actual and fictional conversation will be considered in an effort to challenge writers to create stronger exciting and emotional dialogue that will have readers coming back for more.




10:00 AM

The Secrets of Ghostwriting--Cecil Murphey

Many people have experiences and stories that can change lives, but they don’t know how to put them into writing. That provides opportunities for ghostwriters. In this class we’ll discuss what ghostwriting is, the trends in the field, and the personality requirements of a ghostwriter. We’ll also answer the big question: How do I get into this field?


11:00 AM

A Spin Down Memoir Lane--Amy Bovaird

Do you want to know more about memoir writing? Amy Bovaird shares insights she has gleaned from writing two successful memoirs of her own. In “Taking a Spin Down Memoir Lane,” Bovaird discusses the difference between the similar genres of creative non-fiction, narrative non-fiction and memoir.

She also provides tips to make a memoir compelling, mistakes to avoid, and an exercise in memoir-writing. This is a practical, hands-on workshop that is both informative and fun.


12:00 Noon

Write Devotionals that Inspire--Betty Rosian

Devotional material is all around us, and so are the folks who want to be inspired in five-minutes or less. Learn what publishers want and learn what won't work. Be the one the Lord uses to reach others with your own personal stories.


1:00 PM

Chasing Down Hot Air Balloons: Song Writing Basics--Pam Caprino

Song writing may seem like a specialized effort that requires lots of talent and skill, but as anyone venturing on the path of creative work knows, the "birthing" process has some basic stages that can be identified and learned through practice. We'll focus on the ideas that float like escaped balloons, full of our inspirations.

Where do they come from? How do we catch and shape them into songs? Why does the melody matter? When do we know a song is ready to release? Join us for a time of creative reflection and group practice that may help you start or continue to craft meaningful songs of your own.


2:00 PM

Introduction to Writing Comedy--Amanda Averell

What makes something funny? The purpose of the workshop is to teach attendees how to structure jokes, find arcs and heighten in-sketch comedy writing, and delve into satire and parody. Participants will be encouraged to find the funny in everyday situations.

WARNING: No one can make you funny. What I can do is help infuse comedy into your writing and help you find your comedic voice.




10:00 AM

Contemporary View of Japanese Forms of Poetry--Shirley Stevens

We will reexamine features which characterize the haiku, senryu, and tanka. One element often overlooked is the Aha Moment! We will also look at the use of line and imagery in these forms of poetry. The discipline of writing to a syllable count can make our writing more precise.

We will write in this form and consider submitting to a contest. Finally, we will look at the Haiku Sonnet, a new form explored in the February poetry column in Writer's Digest this year.


11:00 AM

Create Poems through Family and Personal Experiences--Joanne Samraney

The workshop will show writers how to transform their family and personal experiences into poetry. Examples of how the personal becomes universal will be given along with writing exercises/prompts and discussion.


12:00 Noon

Extraordinary Humor on Ordinary Days:  The Everyday Funny in Poetry--Christine Romanus Pasinski

Pasinski will read her own humorous poems, stressing the use of precise dialogue to depict the "characters" in our lives and the use of understatement and exaggeration to enrich situational humor.  Paricipants will be given a prompt or two to allow them to flex their funny bones and to share the results with the class.


1:00 PM



2:00 PM

In the Beginning: Genesis People Speak--Shirley Stevens

We will examine Jana Carman's book, which explores Genesis through poetry and monologues. Some participants may want to study her techniques so that they can write their own work to bring a book of the Bible to life.

We have read Biblical fiction which makes the people of the Bible real to the reader. In Jana's book the poems and monologues bring characters to life.

If you are familiar with the Poem for Two Voices, Jana used this form earlier to create interaction between Biblical characters. This book could be used in a Bible study or Sunday School class, as well as for individual study.




10:00 AM

Editing 101: Tips from a New Author--Kimberly Miller

Getting your first book deal is exciting, but the first round of editing can scare even a thick-skinned writer. This session will explore some of the common editing issues first-time novelists face and how to handle them without becoming overwhelmed (or offended) while still meeting your deadline and producing a stronger story.



(Not Yet Assigned)


12:00 Noon

Write Tight--Cecil Murphey

Gone are the days of 60-word sentences and 30-page chapters. Today, good writing conveys meaning in fewer words and shorter sentences. Learn what you can eliminate and how you can tighten your writing to make it stronger.





2:00 PM

Tweets, Blogs, and Book Signings: Make Marketing Work for You--Janeen Ippolito

Marketing is essential to make sure your book and message reach the audience who can benefit from them. Even traditional publishing houses these days expect authors to market. But where to start?

This workshop takes a look at the different marketing options for authors, including social media, in-person events, and personal websites. Expect practical advice and strategy development so you can reach your readership while still having time to write.




Writer's Life


10:00 AM

Read Like a Writer--Linda Turner

What does it mean to read like a writer? Is it a different skill than reading to be entertained or reading for information? Mike Burns wrote, "When you read like a writer, you are trying to figure out how the text you are reading was constructed so that you can learn to ‘build’ one for yourself."

We’ll discover ways published novelists make their characters and plot compelling. How do they give their readers a "worry factor?" What’s a satisfying ending?

We’ll see how Fiction techniques enhance memoirs and other nonfiction. We’ll discuss how reading like a writer actually helps us hone our craft so that our own writing will be both enjoyable and memorable. You’ll receive examples, checklists and opportunities to "Read like a Writer."


11:00 AM

Organizing Your Ideas, Articles, and Submissions--Carol Hamilton

Do you have terrific ideas floating on scraps of paper and napkins? Have you submitted articles, but can't remember when or where? Do you have bits of a novel-in-progress all over your house? And what about those published clips? If you would like to organize what you write and have ideas easily accessible, this class is for you.


12:00 Noon

Priming the Pump: How to Get the Words Flowing During a Drought--Michele Huey

What you’ve feared most as a writer has happened: The well of words, once overflowing, has dried up. Even the stream of ideas has stopped. Whether you’re halfway through a 90,000-word novel or facing an article deadline, the drought can be terrifying, especially when the arid days stretch into weeks, then months.

What can you do to get the words flowing again? This workshop presents techniques used by published authors to get the words flowing when they’ve faced the dreaded drought. Bring your favorite writing medium (laptop, pen and writing pad) because you’ll be priming the pump.


1:00 PM

Writers Alone, Writers Together--Debbie Sanchez

Writers generally do work their craft alone. That does not mean that writers should be alone. Finding support with a good writing group can make the difference between solitary uncertainty and celebrated successes.

There are many kinds of writing groups. This workshop will cover the following topics:

 What are the different types of writing groups?

 What do writing groups do?

 How to find the right kind for your needs.

 How to create your own if you can’t find one.


2:00 PM

Q & A on Publishing/Writing--Cecil Murphey

Do you have questions? Here’s your opportunity to ask them. Cec Murphey has written professionally since 1984 and has experience with most of the major Christian publishers and a few of the general-market houses. No writing-related or publishing-related question is off limits.